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Introduction of District Cooling System
Outline of District Cooling System

District Cooling System (DCS) is a total integral system of both the plant itself and the air conditioning system. And DCS is a highly effective mean of both energy saving and health management. It contributes to the society as a whole by utilizing limited energy resources and space efficiently to provide a reliable service. In order to achieve a successful DCS project, it is essential to have abundant knowledge of the air-conditioning system and cutting edge technology throughout the whole project from planning till operation.

As the largest company specializing in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) in Japan and one of the world leading companies in the industry, we are well equipped with the technical skill to design and build the DCS.

In Japan, Takasago has undertaken and successfully completed many large scale DCS. Our Singapore branch has also established a strong track record of HVAC system project installation for over 27 years.

T.T.E Malaysia has attained the ISO 9001 Certification for Design and Installation Of Air Conditioning System. Takasago Japan has completed the ISO 14001 certification as well as ISO 9001 certification.

With our expertise in HVAC technology and excellent quality control capability accumulated through years of experience together with our awareness of the environmental responsibility, we trust that we can meet the objective.

Outline of District Cooling System

DCS is a total integral system of both the plant itself and the air-con system.
DCS will be expected as vital system for urban development in 21st century.

District (Centralized) Cooling System can:

Improve efficiency of energy
Protect environment
Save space
Improve urban view
Re-use the heat from exhaust system
Prevent disaster
Reduce manpower for operation and maintenance